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Grocery Convenience



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About us

What is Grocery Convenience? 

Grocery Convenience is a Dallas, Texas based company that helps you shop for your groceries and delivers in a matter of minutes. The best part of our service is that there is no monthly or annual fee! Simply log on to our website, place an order, and receive your groceries with no further commitment required. Grocery Convenience takes pride in helping customers in all walks of life such as busy parents, seniors, and people who are new to the Dallas area. Need to add an extra hour to your day and cross grocery errands of your to-do list? Tired of lugging grocery bags up the stairs or even into the elevator in your apartment complex? Grocery Convenience is the simple solution for you. 

Who wants Grocery Convenience?

Grocery Convenience is perfect for the hard-working professional. Grabbing groceries may be the last thing on their mind after working long hours. We aim to help people save the money that they typically spend on restaurants and takeout by delivering fresh, custom picked groceries straight to their doors. Busy moms and dads who are juggling their children’s activities, work, and household responsibilities will benefit extremely from our services. We serve these families with confidence that our contribution will help them knock a time demanding errand off of their long to-do lists.

Grocery Convenience community. 

We love to have you in our community and not just as our client but rather become a member of Our Family. Grocery Convenience cares about our environment and beautiful city we serve and everyone in it, that is why we thrive to make sure our services help improve people’s lives. Grocery Convenience have made it our responsibility to give back to the community and help people who are in need. we plan to feed our community by making sure everytime you use our service an homeless person will be feed, You also play a part in touching other people’s lives by using our service. This does not require extra money from you to support the homeless but rather all we need from you is to Please use our service for your Convenience. Your Convenience feed other people and which is a win win situation for you and others who are in need of help.  
Why choose us? 

We strive to make sure that our clients see the value of our service because our core value is making people’s lives better by helping them take care of this demanding task. At Grocery Convenience we value customer service more than the actual task itself. Not only will we deliver the items quickly and reliably, we will make sure the customer experience is seamless and enjoyable.  
Because we want to simplify our customers’ lives we also offer complimentary recipes with step-by-step preparation instructions with necessary items bundled together on our user-friendly website. We also customize our service to our consumers’ lifestyle and needs. Customers choose their favorite brands and set their own delivery time windows. Past orders are saved and easily accessible, so our service becomes more and more convenient over time.